ACLP Presentation During Broadband Communities Summit 2024

ACLP presents on Equity-Driven Broadband Planning in Served Communities.

Michael Santorelli


May 7, 2024

On May 7, the ACLP participated in the Broadband Communities Summit in Houston, TX. The ACLP was invited to provide a standalone presentation on “Equity-Driven Broadband Planning in Served Communities.” A copy of the presentation is available here.

A core theme of the presentation is that served communities – i.e., those cities and towns with few or no BEAD-eligible locations – should focus vastly more resources on demand-side issues. If local officials are truly invested and interested in closing digital divides, then served communities should focus on addressing barriers to broadband adoption in under-adopting communities rather than building duplicative broadband networks or offering significant concessions to entice new entrants.

In support of this argument, the presentation highlighted:

Michael Santorelli is the Director of the ACLP.