The Advanced Communications Law and Policy Institute (ACLP) at New York Law School is an interdisciplinary law and public policy program focused on identifying and examining the key legal, regulatory, and public policy issues impacting – and impacted by – more robust broadband connectivity across the United States. The ACLP pursues and promotes a holistic approach to the study of broadband. Its focus includes the examination of: supply-side issues like infrastructure availability; demand-side issues like the myriad barriers hindering greater, more meaningful, and more equitable adoption and utilization of broadband across key demographics and sectors; state, local, and federal funding of broadband initiatives; and the intersectionality of broadband and other key public policy goals and objectives. The ACLP’s research and writing is grounded in data relating to broadband connectivity and focuses on the development of practical, solution-oriented recommendations for policymakers at all levels of government and other stakeholders across the broadband ecosystem.

New York Law School (NYLS) has always been an institution shaped by the values of New York City: diversity, opportunity, professionalism, integrity, empathy, service to others, leadership, innovation, and—of course—the drive and ambition to be the very best. NYLS was founded in 1891 by faculty, students, and alumni who broke away from Columbia Law School. The School soon became known for its innovative educational methods, launching one of the nation’s first J.D. evening programs in 1894. The law school’s mission is to:

  • Provide an extraordinary and innovative educational experience that embodies the fundamental values of the legal system and creates a bridge from scholarship and service to leadership and practice;
  • Offer a vibrant, diverse, and forward-thinking center of legal studies where students develop the knowledge, skills, and professional values to serve their clients and have successful careers advancing justice, building the economy, and serving the various needs of modern society; and,
  • Serve as an incubator of ideas and actions to be emulated throughout New York City, the nation, and the world.

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