Unpacking Approved BEAD Volume 2s: Oregon


Michael Santorelli


June 17, 2024

NTIA recently approved Oregon’s BEAD Initial Proposal Volume 2 (V2). The ACLP has compared the final version with the version that the state submitted to NTIA for review in December. A redlined version is available here. The following identifies changes made to the state’s V2 ahead of NTIA’s approval:

Subgrantee Selection Process

Scoring – Affordability. The state has changed the benchmark it will use for its affordability scoring. Previously, the state proposed awarding points to entities that committed to offering 1/1 Gbps service at a cost not to exceed the cost of the same service offered by the applicant in other parts of the state. In the final V2, the state has adopted the FCC’s Urban Rate Survey benchmark and will award points to applicants that commit to offering a symmetrical gig for $84.94 or less.

Low-Cost Option

Assuming ACP is not renewed, the state will allow applicants to seek a waiver of the $30/month low-cost option requirement. Upon a showing that the option is “unsustainable and unreasonable,” the applicant will be able to provide the option at $50/month.